Wednesday, June 18, 2008

But Is The Water Cold?

I have a lawyer buddy who is somewhat skeptical of the concept of Spatial Law. Truth be told, he enjoys making fun of it and the Spatial Law blog on a regular basis. Nonetheless, he did pass on a great article on a supposed growing trend in England for kids to use Google Earth - and presumably similar services - to identify homes with pools and then to use social networks like MySpace and Facebook to set a time and place for people to meet and swim . . . all without the pool owners permission or knowledge. (Link is below).

Admittedly this is a wonderful example of how creative people will use easy access to quality spatial data in ways that most of us cannot even imagine right now. However, most people are still trying to adjust to a world where an image of their home is available for the world to see. Articles such as this one are only going to increase their concerns and sensitivities.'+swimming+pools/