Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is This A "Money Back Guaranty"?

“I believe that as the year unfolds there will be no excuse whatsoever for any foreigners to become lost in Beijing and if they do get lost in Beijing, the fault will be theirs for not having invested themselves personally in SmartTrans and EventTrack.”

The above quote was reportedly made by the Prime Minister of Australia on a visit this spring to China. (SmartTrans is an Australian company and its EventTrack technology has been deployed in China.)

How Important Is Data Quality?

An article from a few months ago concerning how some citizens in one Arkansas county learned suddenly learned that their property is located in a flood zone; at least according to updated FEMA maps.

INSPIRE Presentations

Attached is a link to a number of presentations that were given at a recent conference on the European INSPIRE initiative. One will note that a number of the matters discussed touch upon legal matters, which is not surprising given that the formation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) involves a number of complicated legal issues. In fact, much of the most cutting edge work in Spatial Law is being done done by lawyers and consultants working on SDI matters.