Thursday, February 28, 2008

Space Law 2.0?

I am not sure that this is directly related to Spatial Law, but the following link is a good exampple as to why it is so hard for the legal and policy community to keep up with the spatial community. While we struggle to deal with the legal issues surrounding sat nav devices, the author is suggesting other ideas that I am sure are in the works. To quote from the blog:

"If we can have navigation systems that deliver real-time directions (linking voice files to place and delivering it in real time), there's no good reason why we can't use the same system to deliver meaningful content - just change the content from "turn left in a half a mile on Avenue A," to, say, Martin Luther King's Speech at the Great March on Detroit in June 1963 (with his good friend the Reverend C.L. Franklin sitting with him on the platform and daughter Aretha's music in the background) and hear instead . . "

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