Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spatial Law and Policy Update (October 11, 2010)

Spatial Law and Policy Update (from the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy)

City should track all taxis by GPS, inspector general says.
Intel, Microsoft, eBay support Rush' privacy bill while noting concerns
California law will guard privacy of tollway users
Washington Supreme Court finds metadata is subject to Public Records Law

Intellectual Property
Facebook receives patent on location

National Security
PG&E provides pipeline maps to fire departments
Creation of Intelligent System for Maritime Security
North Korea appears capable of jamming GPS receivers

Data Quality/Liability
GPS not helpful to monitor driver fatigue company claims
Industry standard for cell phone navigation proposed
Speed Camera Accuracy Concerns Grow
LaHood considers outright ban of cell phone use in cars

Intelligent Transportation System
Google switches gears with self-driving cars

Smart Grid
IBM and the City of Dubuque Join Forces to Build a Smarter Water Grid
Data Access and Privacy Issues Related to Smart Grid Technologies


Brian said...

Hi Kevin. It seems the hyperlink for "Intel, Microsoft, eBay support Rush' privacy bill while noting concerns" is broken. I'd love to see the linked discussion.

Kevin said...

Brian, here it is