Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spatial Law and Policy Update (November 13, 2010)

From the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy

Police abandon plan to use GPS on dementia patients
4% of on-line Americans use location based services
Geo-Slavery: Location Awareness Gone Wrong?
Privacy Likely to Remain on Congress' Agenda
STD scare? Just take your phone to the loo!
Barton: Next Congress Will Focus on Online Privacy
EU wants stronger online privacy rules
Air Force warns against location-based app
Australian Mobile Telecommunications Assocation LBS Guidelines

Data Quality/Liability
Google Tool May Have Had Wrong Polling Place
Faulty GPS tells soldiers in Afghanistan they are in Africa

National Security/Law Enforcement
State v. Danney
Error in Nicaraguan/Costa Rican border results in improper incursion
Irish tax authorities using Google Earth
Trailer thief spotted on Google Street View?
The speed camera that doesn't just check your speed
NGA Looking at Amazon, Apple for Imagery Distribution Ideas

Spatial Data Infrastructure
White House Issues Policy for Controlled Unclassified Information
FGDC seeks comment on Geospatial Platform

Technology key to US-India relationship
Vietnam challenges Chinese on-line map border

Intelligent Transportation System
For Traffic, Real-Time Information is Too Late

Adding Cabbie Know-How to Online Mapping

Argentina requires GPS for mining sites
Commerce issues license to hyperspectral satellite
Four legal predictions for location-based services

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