Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Spatial Law and Policy Update

Raising Awareness of Where Geospatial Technology Is Taking the Law


Shopping Centers to Monitor Customer's mobile phones (Courier Mail)

Data Quality

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibilities (MIT Technology Review)

Intellectual Property

The Face That Launched 7,000 Clicks (Courthouse News Service)

Facebook: The law reasonably states you can't have all your data  (ZDnet)

National Security/Law Enforcement

Zoning the Oceans? (Law of the Land)

How governments are using technology to engage citizens 



GPS Data on Beijing Cabs Reveals the Cause of Traffic Jams (Technology Review)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Court: Some data on government cell phone tracking should be public  (CNN)

Judge shreds, dismisses iPhone privacy class-action  (ARS Technica)

GM’s OnStar Unit Alters Privacy Policy   (Bloomberg)

Apple joins lobby against warrantless data inspection  (Information Age)

CNIL Cites French Yellow Pages Operator for Illegal Use of Social Media Data  (Hogan Lovell's Chronicle of Data Protection)

Data Anonymization and Re-identification: Some Basics Of Data Privacy  (The Daily Attack)

Which Telecoms Store Your Data the Longest? Secret Memo Tells All  (Threat Level)

ISACA stresses the need to protect mobile data from the increasing security threats posed by location-based apps   (IT Pro)

Employer did not violate employee’s privacy by accessing personal laptop (Internet Cases)

HTC security vulnerability said to leak phone numbers, GPS data, and more, HTC responds  (Engadget)

Senate Committee Approves Data Breach Bills Despite Heavy Opposition  (

Data Quality and Liability

Real estate boundaries: real and imagined  (inman News)

Issues of Liability Unclear for Sensor and Sensor Platform Providers  (Spatial Sustain)


LightSquared: GPS industry should pay for fixing commercial devices (The Hill)

Lightsquared Update - LS Exec Threatens Legal Action  (Directions Magazine)

Law Enforcement/National Security

Details Emerging On Stingray Technology, Allowing Feds To Locate People By Pretending To Be Cell Towers  (techdirt)

Biannual Swedish media panic sets in as Google Earth continues to show Sweden’s “secrets”   (Ogle Earth)

GPS Inventor Urges Supreme Court to Reject Warrantless Tracking  (Threat Level)


IPhone app pilots drone aircraft from 3,000 miles away  (Los Angeles Times)

Recent Arrest Puts Model Airplanes on Radar  (The Wall Street Journal)

Smart Grid

Spatial Law and the Smart Grid  (Spatial Sustain)

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