Monday, February 13, 2012

Spatial Law and Policy Update (February 13, 2011)

Intellectual Property Rights

Start-Ups Seek to Help Users Put a Price on Their Personal Data (New York Times)

Harry Reid Wants a Bigger, Badder Version of SOPA/PIPA (Read Write Web)

Law Enforcement/National Security

Security concerns keep power lines off Japan's topo maps (Geospatial World)

FBI needs mapping app to monitor social networking sites (Geospatial World)

FBI cuts back on GPS surveillance after Supreme Court ruling (USA Today)

Getaway car license plate leads to San Diego bank robbery arrest (Los Angeles Times)

Panasonic disabling GPS in their cameras to please China (GPS Tracklog)

Federal court – warrantless search of protestor’s video cam violated Fourth Amendment (Pogo WasRight)

Spatial Data Infrastructures

Turning government data into private sector products is complicated business (Nextgov)

Remote Sensing

$80 Billion Puzzle: The Part Of The Pentagon's Budget You Won't See (Forbes)

PODCAST: Panel of Geospatial Experts Discuss Viability of Commercial Imagery and EnhancedView (Got Geoint)

Spying on Europe’s farms with satellites and drones (BBC)

A New Weapon Against Nukes: Social Media (WBUR)

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Remote control of Manatee and Sarasota traffic signals (Herald Tribune)


U.S. House and Senate Pass FAA Bill, Setting Requirements for UAS to Fly in the National Airspace (AUVSI)

Surveillance drone industry plans PR effort to counter negative image (The Guardian)


Congress approves shift to GPS air traffic control (GCN)

LightSquared asks FCC to set tough standards for GPS receivers (The Hill)

AA to launch sat-nav tech tracked insurance policy (BBC)


Crisis Mapping Needs an Ethical Compass (Global Brief)

Stranger than Fiction: A Few Words About An Ethical Compass for Crisis Mapping (irevolution)

Geocaching Steps into North Korea (Latitude 47)


Brazil Sues Twitter in Bid to Ban Speed Trap and Roadblock Warnings (ABA Journal)

Weather Deal Backfires for BMW's Mini (Wall Street Journal)

Geospatial Visualization (Deloitte)

How Big Data From Connected Machines Gets Used (Read Write Web)

The Age of Big Data (New York Times)

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