Monday, November 5, 2012

Spatial Law and Policy Update (November 5, 2012)

The Centre for Spatial Law and Policy provides its members a weekly update on recent developments on legal and policy issues that impact the collection/use/distribution of geospatial data. The purpose of the Update has been to highlight both the number of legal/policy domains that impact geospatial data as well as the variety of technology platforms that will be impacted as laws and policies evolve. I decided to post this week's Update  as I think it is a good reflection both of how far the technology has gone and the legal/policy/regulatory issues that the industry is facing. For example, this week's Update includes links to the importance of geospatial technology during Sandy (and other natural disasters), the value of a smarter power grid (increasingly smarter with respect to technology means location-enabled) as well as issues associated with location privacy (drones, license plate readers, CCTVs and even drug sniffing dogs) intellectual property rights, data quality, and the challenges of open data and creating spatial data infrastructures. I also suggest you read the excellent series of Economist articles on the growing importance of location. 

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Legal/Policy Disciplines


Intellectual Property Rights

EU allows resale of downloaded software  (Field Fisher Waterhouse)

Data Quality

Law Enforcement

National Security


Technology Platforms



Smart Grid

Intelligent Transportation System

Remote Sensing

Spatial Data Infrastructures


    Location Analytics: Bringing Geography Back (MIT Sloan Management Review)

    A sense of place (Economist)

    Mapping America: Every City, Every Block (New York Times)

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John Milburn said...

I love the spatial law and policy map on - would it be possible to overlay the geographic boundaries of the US Court of Appeals and District Courts on the map?

Kevin said...


I am sure that there is, but I do not think it is appropriate for the type of links I have included (as these are from around the world).