Monday, May 13, 2013

6 Key Spatial Law and Policy Links (May 13, 2013)

Apple's user data-sharing takes a hit in Germany after court objects to privacy policy  (ZDnet)  To quote from the article:  "Apple may need to redesign its data sharing practices for German consumers if the decision, handed down on Tuesday, by a Berlin regional court sticks." Location data is part of the issue.

Restaurants and hotels worried by EU data bill  (EU This article highlights how tougher data protection laws in Europe could impact a broad range of companies.

Has Big Data Made Anonymity Impossible?  (MIT Technology Review)
Reporting Fail: The Reidentification of Personal Genome Project Participants  (Info/Law) Anonymization and Reindentification are two very important concepts with respect to privacy. It is critical for the research surrounding them- be to be neutral and correct.

Will filming Times Square now require negotiating with hundreds of copyright owners?  (King & Wood Mallesons)  Discussion of copyright in U.S. and Australia.
China's Drone Program Appears To Be Moving Into Overdrive  (Huffington Post)  I wonder if other nations appreciate the    resources China is allocating to geospatial technology.  

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