Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ICYMI Top 5 Spatial Law and Policy Stories From the Past Week

The Centre for Spatial Law and Policy prepares a weekly update for its members. Listed below are links to five stories from the past week that will impact the geospatial community.  More information about the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy can be found here.  

Directions Magazine eBook on Spatial Law - Directions Magazine has published a compilation of articles from its website related to Spatial Law and Policy. They asked me to write the introduction. (The book is free) 

Google Street View Case Granted a Rehearing  (Slaw) I highly recommend reading the article and then the comment - it is a terrific example of how lawyers/policymakers and engineers can use the same language to mean different things. 

Innoweb BV v Wegener ICT Media BV,  (court decision) Recent decision from European court that will impact use of OpenStreetMap data subject to the OpenDatabase License.

Government Take Down Requests Rising Says Google  (Forbes) This story has been reported in previous updates, but I noted a quote that highlights how organizations (in this case government agencies) will try to use legal uncertainties to address policy (or personal) concerns. 

The Chief Data Officer: an executive whose time has come.  (GigaOm)  I believe a Chief Data Officer would also be beneficial in addressing concerns over privacy, intellectual property rights, licensing, data quality, etc. 

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